Historical Background

The company had its beginning in 1848 when the partnership was founded by two pioneering individuals, namely Edward J Darley, and Samuel Butler.

The then business activities were diversified, and covered estate agencies, commission agents, imports/exports, ship chartering, etc.

In 1920 the then partnership was converted to a limited liability company, and continued its business of being a primary exporter of tea and local produce. It is noteworthy to mention that Darley Butler is the first recorded exporter of coffee from Ceylon, as it was then known.

With the decline in the export business, the company shifted its focus to imports, local sales and distribution of consumer products.

With the acquisition in 1967, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of E B Creasy & Company Plc, which is listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange. E B Creasy's core activities encompass manufacturing, general trading, hardware trading, clearing, and forwarding. Through its other subsidiaries, its interests extend into the leisure sector, plantation sector, and marketing of agro chemicals, decorative paints, etc.

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