Overview of Current Operations

The Company's core business is marketing a range of FMCG categories that are well-known brands in the country. To maximize distribution of these products, the company relies on its key strength which is its current distribution infrastructure consisting of 132 professionally trained Consumer Sales Representatives, and 20 sales management and supervisory staff. To facilitate the distribution, the company has a modern fleet of commercial vehicles and the services of 45 long-standing stockist located strategically throughout the country.

To successfully market the brands, the company has a team of Brand Managers who have hands-on experience in handling FMCG categories, and are well-versed in the sphere of brand management.

In recognition of emerging trends and heightened competitiveness in the consumer markets, the company has strengthened its brand management team with additional staff to meet the challenges of the future.

The company which has gone through several phases of evolution, has today emerged as an aggressive marketing organization. The medium and long-term strategic goals of the company are to identify opportunities in high growth mass market consumer categories, and enter those markets offering high quality & reasonably priced products.

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