Laxapana Batteries


Laxapana Batteries was founded in 1956 and it is a Public Quoted Entity today. Company is located in Panagoda , Homagama with it’s office and Battery Manufacturing Plant. Laxapana Batteries manufacture Its D Size batteries in compliance with highest international standards and had received SLS and ISO 9001-2000. Laxapana had diversified it’s product range to CFL bulbs and other lighting equipments and have plans to grow the portfolio in to many related products. Darley Butler is the Sole Distributor of Laxapana Batteries.

Products of Laxapana

  • Laxapana Torch Battery (R20S)
  • Laxapana Heavy Duty Battery (R20C)
  • Laxapana Super Heavy Duty Penlite ( R6P)
  • Laxapana Super Heavy AAA (R03)
  • Laxapana Alkaline AA   (LR6)
  • Laxapana Alkaline AAA (LR3)
  • Laxapana CFL Bulbs




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