Cow & Gate

Cow & Gate was originally a brand owned by an Organization called Unitage of Great Britain. With the changes took place in the business environment the ownership now lies with DANONE a French multinational organization. Danone is a Research Organization and the core businesses are Waters (drinking), Dairy, Baby Nutrition and Medical Nutrition.

Cow & Gate Brand is known to the Sri Lankans for over eight decades. The products are manufactured in state of the art production facilities backed by latest scientific research.

The compositions of the products adhere to prescribed standards of Codex Alimentarius, European Society Paediatrk Gastroenterology Hematology and Nutrition and Sri Lanka Standards.


The current portfolio consists of Infant Milk, Fortified Milk for Growing Up Children and Therapeutic formula, Cow & Gate has island wide distribution and main point of sales being Pharmacies, Supermarkets and A class Groceries.

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