Pharmaceutical Division


Darley Butler& co. Ltd. Has diversified the business establishing the Pharmaceuticals Division in 2001 and further restructured to establish Darley Butler Health Care Unit. Our strategic business is focused towards marketing and distribution of Pharmaceutical Finished Products, Laboratory Products and Veterinary Products Island wide.


We have partnered with the following manufacturers from the inception to improve the healthcare needs of our customers through professional Medical Promotions.


  • Sterling Lab
  • Navana Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd
  • Aristo Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd
  • Universal Laboratories Ltd
  • Duxen Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd
  • Orion Pharmaceuticals
  • Blue Cross Bio-Medical (Beijing) Co. Ltd                 
  • Y.D.D. Diagnostics
  • Backjoy Inc.












Darley Butler Healthcare is fully equipped to offer an effective and efficient distribution service to our customers through our service partners which strategically covering the entire geographical area. 



Healthcare business is been managed by qualified and experienced personals to share our local business knowledge with our valued strategic partners by providing our services at all time, backed by


  • A well trained Medical promotional Team.
  • An effective and efficient Sales Team.
  • Efficient Training & Development department and
  • A qualified Pharmacist to handle product registrations.


The relationship network bridges the gaps between ourselves, our service partners and our valued customers through modern IT implications.


As our prime objective is to satisfy and fulfill our customers further, we are in the process of expanding our business exposure.


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