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Personal Care   

Darley Butler Personal Care is represented by categories to enrich and enhance the lives of those who want to look good , feel good and get more of life with the presence of Bic and Denta ,the  star class brands  aiming  at personal grooming as well as personal hygiene


The Number 1 shaving range in Sri Lanka with a market share of 75 %.   Darley Butler has been manufacturing and marketing Bic shavers for the last three decades, meeting with consumer expectation with value, quality products at an affordable price and being within reach of consumers island wide

Bic shaving range shave revolutionized the Sri Lankan market way back in 1970 's by giving the first experience of a disposable shavers.  Ever since then Bic has been the number 1 choice in the shaver category

Bic products are known and have been appreciated the world over for their quality, affordability and ease of use . They are all routine and a part of daily life of millions of consumers which makes Bic one of the best known international brands .

For more than 30 years Bic has created and produced simple , inventive and reliable products which is  a preferred choice of millions of Sri Lankan consumers

Bic continues to reinforce the strong relationship built year after year with both consumers and customers by improving the range of its products as well as responding to the awareness and need through new designs and technologies

Bic will continue to deliver simple , inventive and reliable products for everyone ,every where every time


The year 1994 marked a significant mile stone in the history of Darley Butler when the  renowned brand ” Denta “ toothbrushes were launched by setting up a standard of bristles being the most important part of a toothbrush .This created an impact in the toothbrush market which was dominated by multinational brands and imported brands 

Today Denta has become a household brand name in oral care.  The manufacturing and marketing of Denta toothbrushes have continued for the last two decades whilst meeting with requirements of the consumer’s oral care hygiene island wide

Denta brand has taken a step ahead in introducing the Denta Comfort toothbrush with Dupont Tynex “ Anti- Bactrial bristles . Tynex Sta clean bristles which are being used to manufacture Denta Comfort contain antimicrobial additives which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungies on the bristles between uses

Denta Comfort, the novel oral care solution was recently awarded the Sri Lanka Dental Association Accreditation adding more weight to the previously obtained Sri Lanka Standard Institution Certification which has been awarded for the brand and which is the only toothbrush in the island to obtain both these endorsements 

With this prestigious certification consumers can now be guaranteed that their favorite ‘Denta Comfort’ toothbrush is produced to the highest quality of standard with the backing of the Sri Lanka Dental Association

These awards come at a time when consumers are offered many choices but on most occasions these choices have little to do with quality .This is only the first step in keeping to the brand promise to offer consumers the very best of technology and recommendations making Denta undoubtedly the best toothbrush in the market 

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