NINJA is a truly Sri-Lankan product.

We have been marketing the NINJA range of products since 1997. In 2009 we relocated our mosquito coil and vaporizer manufacturing facility to Millewa in the Kalutara District under the auspices of the Gamata Karmantha Scheme.

This is a state of the art, eco friendly factory that produces NINJA mosquito coils, NINJA Liquid Vaporisers and Amritha Joss Sticks through which the company created almost 200 jobs.

 NINJA Packshot Container                                NINJA Mosquito Coils


We take pride in our product and focus on quality and demand excellence. We are the only mosquito coil in Sri-Lanka that has the SLS certification, and this along with our committment to quality has made us the market leader in Mosquito Coils. Our promise is that we will continue to improve and use the highest quality ingredients, to tailor make an effective product for Sri-Lanka. Made available in a wide variety, the Mosquito Coils are manufactured by us using premium raw materials that are combined to offer a high repelling power.

 NINJA Packshot Can                                           NINJA Liquid Vaporizer


We are engaged in manufacturing Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer that combines a unique formula for repelling a large number of mosquitoes in any area. Specially developed by experts, the Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer comes with a powerful liquid that is quickly vaporized by the machine to repel mosquitoes, thus preventing many diseases caused by these insects. We offer the Mosquito Liquid Vaporizer at highly affordable prices and under the brand name of NINJA Liquid Vaporizer.

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