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The Homecare division of Darley Butler has a proud tradition of innovation and success. We are responsible for two very  successful products and have plans to introduce a new eco-friendly product to the market.


We realize the importance  of building partnerships with the community and also believe that our success is measured by the success of the people who work for us. We understand that to be a truly Sri-Lankan company we need to help uplift our own communities, hence we made it a priority to shift all of our production to Sri-Lanka, using Sri-Lankan resources and raw materials.


Secondly, we understand that to be effective in Sri-Lanka's highly competitive market we needed to provide products that are of high quality. Our Mosquito repellant range is prime example of that, we use the highest quality products, carefully selected for their effectiveness and safety. Our active ingredients are imported directly from Japan and Germany. This coupled with the SLS certification gives us the confidence to say that we are Sri-Lankas best!


The future is bright, we take great pride in our jobs because we have products that we can stand behind and be proud of. Our loyal customers seem to agree with us, we are the market leader in Mosquito coils and our Joss Sticks are gaining reputation of being of very high quality.


Our achievements are the direct result of getting feedback from our customers and improving our products. So let us know how we are doing, and we promise we will continue to research and develop products tailored to Sri-Lanka, and we will continue our efforts of service to our communities for years to come. 

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Ninja                                                                                       Amritha Joss Sticks



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